MINNEAPOLIS - Music superstar Justin Timberlake took a few minutes off from rehearsing on Thursday to give a little glimpse into what everyone can expect from his Super Bowl 52 halftime show performance.

Timberlake said they're planning to do things Sunday that they've "never quite done before" in a halftime show.

While he kept pretty hush hush on what exactly that groundbreaking element(s) could be, Timberlake did say he hopes everyone is dancing during his show and he'll likely be performing his hit song "Can't Stop the Feeling."

"I think the odds are good," Timberlake teased, "That's all I'll give away. I'm not giving away anything else, so don't even try it."

But when asked whether we could see an NSYNC reunion, Timberlake said that won't be happening on Sunday. And while he had a "whole list" of grand ideas for possible special guests to join him, Timberlake said Thursday that he feels his band, The Tennessee Kids, are his true special guests.

"You have the opportunity to bring so many people together," Timberlake explained. That overall idea is what inspired his set list, visuals, and halftime plan.

As for the actual game, Timberlake hinted at a bit of a bromance with Patriots QB Tom Brady.

"Tom's great. I mean, he's the greatest of all time, literally. Tom's the type of guy you invite over for the Super Bowl. The problem is, he's always in the Super Bowl."

"I love Tom Brady, OK? There I said it. Feels good to get that off my chest," Timberlake added.

Justin Timberlake gets an official game ball during a press conference in Minneapolis.

But it's clear Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is still his number one bromance, and that won't be changing any time soon.

As for which team he prefers on any given Sunday? "Go, Pack, Go," was all Timberlake would say -- something Packers QB Aaron Rodgers couldn't help but enjoy.

When he hasn't been rehearsing, Timberlake has gotten a chance to hit some hot spots around town with his family.

"Minnesotans have completely debunked the rumor that us southerners thought that us southerns thought people from the north weren't as nice as us."

He also opened up a bit about Prince, who he called the greatest all-around musician in popular culture and a huge influence on him.

"It seems maybe bragadocious to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. The time that I got to spend around him, with him, talking music ... those are memories that I'll take forever because he's always been such an idol of mine," Timberlake said.

On that same note, he's looking forward to hosting a listening party at Paisley Park on Thursday night in honor of his new album, Man of the Woods.

"There's like a lot of bucket list things happening this week and that's at the top of that list, as well," he said.

It'll be his third time in the halftime slot, a record for a solo artist, according to the NFL.