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Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving: We broke down their record by halftime performer music genre

It's a good thing the halftime show is the Jonas Brothers and not a country music star.

DALLAS — The Jonas Brothers will headline the halftime show of the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game against the New York Giants, becoming the first repeat performer in the game's history. 

The musical trio first performed at the Cowboys halftime show in 2008, the final season of Texas Stadium in Irving. Performing for the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day show is one of the biggest shows of the year and is headlined by the musical industry's biggest stars.

The first Cowboys Thanksgiving halftime show performer was "the Queen of County" Reba McEntire in 1997. 

Not that it has any impact on the game, but it's good fortune for Cowboys fans that Dallas won its Thanksgiving game the last time the Jonas Brothers performed at halftime. And as you'll see below ... pop music, in general, serves well for America's Team. 

So, how does the history of halftime performers correlate to the Cowboys' success on the field? Here's a breakdown of the Cowboys' on-the-field results compared to the genre of music during the halftime show:

Country music:

Record: 4-10.5 (we'll explain the .5)

The Dallas Cowboys have not played very well in games where country artists have been the halftime performer. Granted, this is the most common genre picked by a longshot, making up 14.5 (technically 15) of the past 25 years.

The reason why we're giving a half is because 2000 featured Jessica Simpson and Billy Gillman. Gillman is a country artist, while Simpson is not. So, there you go. 

Here's a look year-by-year: 

  • 2021: Luke Combs -- 36-33 (OT) loss to Las Vegas Raiders
  • 2020: Kane Brown -- 41-16 loss to Washington Commanders
  • 2017: Thomas Rhett -- 28-6 loss to Los Angeles Chargers
  • 2016: Eric Church -- 31-26 win over Washington Redskins
  • 2015: Luke Bryan -- 33-14 loss to Carolina Panthers
  • 2012: Kenny Chesney -- 38-31 loss to Washington Redskins
  • 2010: Keith Urban -- 30-27 loss to New Orleans Saints
  • 2006: Carrie Underwood -- 38-10 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 2005: Sheryl Crow -- 24-21 (OT) loss to Denver Broncoes
  • 2003: Toby Keith -- 40-21 loss to Miami Dolphins
  • 2002: LeAnn Rimes -- 27-20 win over the Washington Redskins
  • 2000: Jessica Simpson/Billy Gillman -- 27-15 loss to Minnesota Vikings
  • 1999: Clint Black -- 20-0 win over Miami Dolphins
  • 1998: Randy Travis -- 46-36 loss to Minnesota Vikings
  • 1997: Reba McEntire -- 27-14 loss to Tennessee Oilers
Credit: AP
Luke Combs performs at halftime during a Thanksgiving day NFL football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Matt Patterson)
Country music artist Toby Keith performs during a rehearsal at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas, Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 26, 2003, for the halftime show at the stadium on Thursday, when the Dallas Cowboys host the Miami Dolphins on Thanksgiving. (AP Photo/Tim Sharp)

Pop music:

Record: 6-2.5

This might serve as good fortune for the Cowboys in 2022! Not only did they win the last time Jonas Brothers took the stage, but their overall record with pop musical artists is really good. 

Again, we're giving the .5 for Simpson's performance here.

Here is a look year-by-year: 

  • 2019: Ellie Goulding -- 26-15 loss to Buffalo Bills 
  • 2018: Meghan Trainor -- 31-23 win over Washington Redskins 
  • 2014: Pitbull -- 33-10 loss to Philadelphia Eagles
  • 2013: Selena Gomez -- 31-24 win over Oakland Raiders
  • 2011: Enrique Iglesias (Latin pop) -- 20-19 win over Miami Dolphins
  • 2008: Jonas Brothers -- 34-9 win over the Seattle Seahawks
  • 2007: Kelly Clarkson -- 34-3 win over the New York Jets
  • 2004: Destiny's Child -- 21-7 win over the Chicago Bears
  • 2000: Jessica Simpson/Billy Gillman -- 27-15 loss to Minnesota Vikings
Credit: Aaron M. Sprecher/Invision/AP
Texas native and pop star Selena Gomez performs during the halftime show of the Thanksgiving Day 2013 Dallas Cowboys/Oakland Raiders NFL game, on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Aaron M. Sprecher/Invision/AP)
Credit: AP
The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, from left, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas perform during halftime of a Thanksgiving NFL football game between te Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys, Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008, in Irving, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Rock music:

Record: 1-1

The only two rock artists in the slate have been Creed in 2001 and Daughtry in 2009. The Cowboys split those games. 

Here is a look year-by-year: 

  • 2009: Daughtry -- 24-7 win over Oakland Raiders
  • 2001: Creed -- 26-24 loss to Denver Broncos

Cowboys history on Thanksgiving

Bottom line: it seems Jerry needs to start booking local artists, especially pop ones. The Cowboys are 4-2 overall with local guests: 3-1 with local pop (Jonas Brothers, Gomez, Simpson, Clarkson) and 1-1 with local country (Rimes and Travis).

Paging Post Malone and Demi Lovato! Where y'all at?!

The Dallas Cowboys are 31-22-1 all-time on Thanksgiving and are riding a three-game losing streak. The last Thanksgiving win was in 2018, a 31-23 win over then-named Washington Redskins. 

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