WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — It was an NFL version of Show and Tell.

Deshaun Watson, the Houston Texans' rookie quarterback, came to work Wednesday and got the bonus of watching Tom Brady for another day of joint practices with the New England Patriots. (This included Brady's occasional fits when passes didn’t go exactly as planned.) When it was over, Brady, 40, took a few minutes to drop knowledge on Watson.

How symbolic.

With five rings, Brady is the face of NFL greatness. Watson, 21, coming off a national championship at Clemson and hailed by his college coach as the Michael Jordan of the NFL draft, represents the future.

When Brady broke into the NFL, Watson was breaking into kindergarten. They are linked by Bill O’Brien, the Texans coach who was once Brady’s position coach and coordinator.

“He was just giving me a little tip here and there about this league and this system and Coach OB,” Watson told reporters. “It was a good talk.”

Perhaps Brady warned Watson about how much of a stickler O’Brien can be on details. Brady probably didn’t have to tell Watson that in his first three years in Houston, O’Brien went through eight starting quarterbacks. Assuming he ultimately unseats Tom Savage — and Watson seems to be closing the gap — he will be No. 9 and, just maybe, the one to stick and blossom beyond O’Brien’s wildest dreams.

In any event, with both teams headed to Houston for a preseason game Saturday, the time with Brady has been a perk any young quarterback could appreciate. Yet for all the respect Watson has for Brady, there’s mutual admiration. Brady saw several Clemson games while bunkered in hotels last season and became familiar with Watson’s game.

“Watching him play, he’s got a great future,” Brady said. “He has all of the abilities.”