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As Mac Jones trade rumors swirl, are the Patriots angling for Lamar Jackson?

Bill Belichick is unhappy with quarterback Mac Jones, could the Patriots swing a deal and land star Lamar Jackson?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Things are not looking good for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots right now, as multiple sources report the head coach has been shopping his quarterback, Mac Jones, to at least four different teams this offseason.

Belichick and Jones had a falling out reportedly stemming from an incident in January where Jones sought outside help to try to fix New England's offensive struggles - a move that understandably didn't sit well with Belichick.

This is the time of year where rumors - many which are not to be believed - are swirling about. However, at least according to Brian Peacock and Matt Williamson of the Peacock and Williamson NFL show, this passes the test.

"There was frustration, to be kind, last year," Williamson said. "We can blame the coordinators and all that, but Bill [Belichick] hired those coordinators. He's the czar and he's not used to people questioning him, including [Tom] Brady. I bet that didn't sit well with Belichick, who's a pretty ornery fellow to begin with."

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Finding a trade partner for Jones may be difficult, and seems unlikely to happen until after the NFL draft when teams who don't get the player they want may pivot and inquire about Jones' availability.

That may make it tough for the Patriots to join the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes, although Williamson believes it's time for Belichick and company to consider making a change of that magnitude.

"Give me Lamar and let's run this thing back," Williamson said. "They already run the ball well with [Rhamondre] Stevenson, they don't throw the ball well to begin with. It's better weapons than Lamar has had....[If] no one is going to bite on Lamar, if I can get him for 80% of the asking price, he's still the same player."

The Jackson saga does not appear close to being over, and if Belichick could get his hands on a star quarterback without sacrificing too much capital it could lead to another run of excellence from the Patriots, capping off his tremendous career in style.

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