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'Rally Nun' channels her inner Carlos Correa in throwing out Game 6 first pitch

"Take a deep breathe and point to the sky like Carlos Correa," Sister Mary Catherine said of her pitching routine.

HOUSTON — Game 6 of the ALCS started off as one blessed experience for the Astros and their fans.

Walking to the mound with a mitt in her hand a baseball in the other was Sister Mary Catherine, who threw the first ceremonial pitch of the game.

Her pitching routine — calculated.

"Take a deep breathe and point to the sky like Carlos Correa," she told KHOU 11 reporter Shern-Min Chow before the pitch.

And like Correa, she did. She also did what's become his signature move — pointing to her wrist, letting people know what time it is. 

Sister Catherine is a part of the "Rally Nuns." The die-hard Astros fan said she has been a huge fan of the Astros since 2005. 

"I've been so faithful and we’ve been behind you, praying for you for a very long time," she said. 

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Sister Mary Catherine said she is a high school teacher and said she knows a lot of people are cheering for the 'Stros, including her students, but the real fan squad is her sisters. 

Nearly 70 nuns from the Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province were invited to Game 6 by Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale. The sisters went to Game 1 of the ALCS and the Astros beat the Red Sox 5-4. Coincidence? We think not! So the nuns were invited back for Game 6, hoping for the same results. 

“The sisters are praying for you guys," said Sister Catherine.

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