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Thompson brings fresh vision to Legacy Christian

New LCA Athletic Director has big plans for Warriors

BEAUMONT, Texas — It has been quite a journey for Travis Thompson. From Kansas to California to Colorado and finally back home in Southeast Texas. The Port Neches-Groves graduate is thrilled to be at Legacy Christian.

"I think just being back home, obviously my home is here. You know just being back home and obviously just doing one thing. Cause everywhere I've been, I do four or five different things. So to just be full-time AD and use that leadership to be able to build an athletic department was very enticing to me for sure."

In Thompson's first year, the Warriors have been finding success. Currently both basketball teams are ranked in the top ten in the state of Texas, while the boys soccer team is scheduled to host a playoff game this week. 

"I think the thing I'm trying to instill is it's ok to be a Christian and be competitive at the same time. And I think that sometimes the perspective is Christians are soft as tofu, but Jesus was a lion and a lamb. And I want our athletes to be that. And I think that's what is so important here, is that you get to come here, you get to play numerous different sports. And you might get to start. You know you don't really have to be a freshman and then wait your time to be a senior to play. You might get minutes as a freshman."

And while Thompson's vision is clear, he also makes it clear that his coaches are extremely important.

"It's vital to make sure we have the right coaches. Coaches have a front seat to our vision and they are the piece that we need to make sure. I think coaches that coaches have such an awesome ministry opportunity for that. And having those coaches that buy into our core covenant, buying into those things and go implement that out, I think is number one. And then number two we want kids who love sports that value their classroom, that value people, that desire a relationship the lord. That's what we're all about."

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