KIRBYVILLE, Texas — After four rounds of high school baseball playoffs, the Kirbyville Wildcats are all that left stands from the 409. And after consecutive trips to the Regional Finals. The Wildcats are feeling pretty confident heading into Thursday's matchup.

"We're feeling pretty well," said pitcher James Burchett. "Beat a team that we got beat out last year. And especially like you said we've been here three times, so the experience is there."

Though the wildcats were able to avenge last year's loss to Clifton in the Regional Finals, for Head Coach Craig Jones, it was just another opponent on their way to State. "We downplayed that and said that's another opponent. It's still baseball. It's still sixty feet, six inches. It's still ninety feet to each base. We said let's go play our game. And take it to them. Everybody else had their hype about the revenge factor, and we just kind of downplayed that."

With a trip to state just two wins away, Coach Jones believes his team is ready for the next step. "Only thing we can control is how we approach the game. And we work hard at doing that. We're putting everything in to win game one. And whatever happens after game one, there's going to be a game two. And we're going to try and win that one too. We're going to put everyone out there. And if it happens to go to game three then we'll have people step up. We work all our players hard, one through fifteen players, we work them hard and they're ready for this opportunity."

Though the wildcats will be taking on a Pollok Central team that has won nine out of their last ten games, for Burchett the mentality remains the same. "We just want to have our bulldog mentality that we've had all season and throwdown every single game. If we do that it doesn't matter who we're playing. So we'll take care of it."

Game one of the series is set for six o'clock Thursday at Humble High School.