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Zach Bass is ready to lead Hardin-Jefferson football program into the future

Nederland native Zach Bass has high hopes for the HJ Hawks

SOUR LAKE, Texas — “I’m a southeast Texas boy. 409 to the bone.”

Keeping things in the 409 family

That’s what Hardin-Jefferson did when filling it’s vacant head football coach position

“When we were young coaches at PN-G we always talked about HJ would be that perfect sweet spot especially not just for southeast Texas but the whole state of Texas because, one, they have good athletes across the board, or we now have good athletes across the board. They play everything.”

Former Nederland Bulldog Zach Bass has traded in his black and gold for the HJ blue and red.

“We always said man if we could ever get to HJ we feel like we could build something and we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to come here.”

Coach Bass has over a decade of experience under his belt and knows what to expect in his first season so he’s prepared to attack any obstacle in the way.

“We’re gonna experience some adversity. It’s gonna be how we respond to that adversity that ultimately determines the kind of season and overall athletic year we have. Everybody would like to be that team that goes 10-0 in the regular season and makes a run. I’m not saying that. I’m saying we’re going to attack each and every day with positivity and energy, enthusiasm. We’re gonna work hard and we’re gonna put the best product on the field and in the classroom we possibly can.”

Coach Bass wholeheartedly believes in his athletes and his program. He says with time, they will exceed expectations.

“The only limitations we’re gonna put on us are the limitations we put on ourselves and as long as we show up every day with an amazing attitude and positive energy there’s nothing this team and athletic program can’t accomplish.”

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