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TAPPS programs are busy creating summer workout guidelines

TAPPS programs can start summer workouts June 1

BEAUMONT, Texas — Last week UIL coaches across the Lone Star State started making plans for summer workouts that can begin June 8th under strict guidelines.

Now TAPPS programs are doing the same, though they're doing so without much direction...

Instead TAPPS has told their schools to form their own COVID-19 guidelines within the laws and executive orders set by state and local governments.

They can also use other governing bodies such as the u-i-l for guidence...With the first workouts being allowed June 1st. 

409Sports spoke with Kelly football coach Jason Smith about the process.

"You know, number one I have my faith in God. I know that we're going to overcome this. And then secondly, I'm definitely concerned about the players, the students, their safety, their health and then their families also. It's like a balance between, like I'm excited, I want to get back out there. You know that everybody else out there is preparing. So you wonder how much other schools are doing. Are we going to be more prepared, less prepared. And at the same time balance that with people's health and their safety. It's a weird deal."

The long break for athletes comes with concerns. 

"Oh there's no doubt. I've talked to the kids. We've done some virtual meetings and stuff. And some of my linemen have lost ten and fifteen pounds, so you're just like that is a concern. You know, but I guess everybody is going through the same thing. I'm just praying we're going to have a football season. That's my main concern. You know I've had these guys that are going to be seniors this upcoming year, I've had them since they were freshman. That was my first year. We have such a good group. I'm very optimistic. I'm just praying that everything will go smoothly."

While summer workouts will have a very different feel this year, Coach Smith is expecting to see something positive come out of a  tough situation.

"Honestly I anticipate a lot more numbers now than ever before cause I'm sure these kids are ready to get out of the house and I'm sure there aren't as many families going on vacation. So I'm excited to get back after it."

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