VIDOR, Texas — Louisiana high schools were notified yesterday that they would not be allowed to hold any type of summer workouts until June 8th. The timeline would fall into Louisiana's phase two of reopening if everything goes as planned.

Vidor Athletic Director and head football coach Jeff Mathews thinks the UIL should announce a date when workouts can resume in Texas.

"Boy I would love if they would tell us June 8th. I think it's time, I really do. I think there's things you can put in Ashly where we can say if the parents and kids don't feel comfortable coming up, they don't have to. Right now we're sending them workouts at home anyway. But for those that feel comfortable coming up and the parents feel comfortable, man I would love for us to start coming back up and I think the state needs to do that. I think that June 8th would be a great time. That's kind of wink, wink what I'm kind of hoping happens anyway. I was hoping around June 8th anyway."

While organized workouts are not sanctioned in any way here in the Lone Star State, social media indicates athletes are organizing seven-on-seven games on their own. It's something Mathews has seen for himself on Twitter. 

"You know they sent a picture thoe other day. They were in a field and I saw someone posted it on Twitter one of our kids. They're throwing routes, they're running stuff on their own. They're ready. Those kids have been out of school. They've been unstructured two months. They're ready to get back. I'm going stir crazy. I'm driving my wife crazy here in the house. I know all of our coaches are ready to get back. It's time, it's time. Kids are ready to get back. I think a majority of them would come back if we were allowed to do so. 

Earlier this month San Antonio Superintendent Pedro Martinez came under fire when he said he doesn't believe contact sports such as football will be ready to be played during the first semester of the upcoming school year.

Mathews was clear on his thoughts about that possibility. "It would crush me. I know that I look forward to that and I know that it would crush our kids and crush a lot of coaches. And communities in the stands. Texas is a football state and we need to come back."

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