LUMBERTON, Texas — Coaches were thrilled to hear about the University Interscholastic League allowing limited workouts starting June 8th.

Now comes the hard part, how to safely get athletes back up to speed after months of downtime.

Lumberton Athletic Director and head football coach weighed in with his thoughts. 

"The consensus basically was because we're going to have some kids come in that are in great shape. And we're keeping tabs on them and getting videos of them and posting workouts online. Some kids are going to come in as good as shape as they can be in. But we know some kids are going to come in literally with a twelve week layoff of maybe just shooting hoops in the front yard type of deal."

With that in mind coaches are coming up with a plan to safely get athletes back in shape.

"So the consensus of the coaches I spoke with yesterday was just we're going to start back over with them when it comes to the conditioning and strength aspect of stuff. We're going really slow at first. Just so we don't hurt kids, we don't put any kids in any danger of heat exhaustion or extreme levels of muscle failure and muscle soreness. We're just going to kind of take it slow with them. And we're going to take it slow in the weight room if we can get in there. Obviously I think we'll be allowed to be on the field in some capacity. So we'll just start running and just kind of progressively work our way back through the summer to get the whole group back to where we need to be. "

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