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Beaumont United football embraces competition under new head coach

West Brook alumnus Darrell Colbert Sr. returns to Beaumont as the Timberwolves head coach to foster champions.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Darrell Colbert Sr. is a 1982 Beaumont West Brook State Champion raised just around the corner from the Beaumont United's campus. 

"Beaumont is real dear to me," said Coach Colbert. "I've been gone for quite a while, but I've always, I tell the kids I am Beaumont."

He's a part of Beaumont football history and he's back to write his own as Beaumont United's head coach.

"Coming back here and having the roll that I have now, to be able to come back and give back what's been given to me," said Coach Colbert "That's really what's been so awesome about this job." 

Even though Coach Colbert has been away from the golden triangle for quite some time, it's a place that's continued to stick with him.

"I followed Beaumont," said Coach Colbert. "I've always seen that we have a lot of talent here. We have a lot to offer here and when this job came open, it was something that kind of stayed with me."

"What really attracts me is really the kids," said Coach Colbert. "Coming back and, man, the possibilities of what could be. Now that I am back, thank God that I got the job, the possibilities, I'm so excited about."

In his first season, Coach Colbert is working to turn that possibility into productivity.

"One thing that I will do and we will do is shoot to have champion-esque people," said Coach Colbert. "That's what we're gonna do. So yes, we're gonna compete." 

"We're not just gonna lay down for anybody," said Coach Colbert. "Growing up in Beaumont we've always been successful athletically no matter who we played against. That's something I wanna give back, that rich history, to our kids. Make them understand when they here Beaumont United we're coming to play. We're coming to compete."

Beaumont United's has a scrimmage against Aldine Nimitz on Friday, August 12 at 6:30 p.m. The Timberwolves open district play against North Shore at home on Friday, Sept. 23 at 7:00 p.m.

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