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409Sports Blitz Picks 2022: Week 4

Week 3 proved to be tough on the 409Sports Blitz team
Credit: 12NewsNow

BEAUMONT, Texas — Week 3 of the high school football season proved to be tough for the 409Sports Blitz team. 

Saphire Cervantes had the top record for the week going (16-8), while Ashly Elam and Cameron Sibert were (14-10). 

Those results have shaken things up in the standings with Ashly Elam slipping behind the Cal Preps Computer and Saphire Cervantes moving up to fourth. 

409Sports Blitz Picks Standings
Cal Preps Computer: 43-18 (.705) | LW: 15-6
Ashly Elam: 50-21 (.704) | LW: 14-10
Dave Campbell's Texas Football: 49-22 (.690) | LW: 17-7
Saphire Cervantes: 45-26 (.634) | LW: 16-8
Cameron Sibert: 43-28 (.606) | LW: 14-10
(Note: Cal Preps does not pick 6-man games; DCTF does not pick interstate games)

Porter (1-2, 0-1) at
#3 Port Arthur Memorial (2-0, 0-0)

Cal Preps: Port Arthur Memorial 48-6
Ashly: Port Arthur Memorial
DCTF: Port Arthur Memorial by 32
Saphire: Port Arthur Memorial
Cameron: Port Arthur Memorial

Hardin-Jefferson (0-3) at
Diboll (1-2)

Cal Preps: Diboll 31-14
Ashly: Diboll
DCTF: Diboll by 42
Saphire: Diboll
Cameron: Diboll

#7 (4A-DI) Little Cypress-Mauriceville (2-1) at
Kinkaid (1-2)

Cal Preps: LCM 35-17
Ashly: LCM
DCTF: Kinkaid by 10
Saphire: LCM
Cameron: LCM

Anahuac (2-1) at
San Augustine (0-3)

Cal Preps: Anahuac 48-0
Ashly: Anahuac
DCTF: Anahauc by 13
Saphire: Anahuac
Cameron: Anahuac

Kirbyville (1-2) at
Hemphill (3-0)

Cal Preps: Hemphill 48-17
Ashly: Hemphill
DCTF: Hemphill by 23
Saphire: Hemphill
Cameron: Hemphill

Overton (1-2) at
Colmesneil (2-1)

Cal Preps: Colmesneil 35-17
Ashly: Colmesneil
DCTF: Colmesneil by 24
Saphire: Colmesneil
Cameron: Colmesneil

West Hardin (1-2) at
Cushing (2-1)

Cal Preps: Cushing 28-14
Ashly: Cushing
DCTF: Cushing by 5
Saphire: Cushing
Cameron: West Hardin

Acadiana Christian (LA) (2-1) at
Deweyville (2-1)

Cal Preps: Acadiana Christian 35-26
Ashly: Deweyville
DCTF: No Pick
Saphire: Deweyville
Cameron: Deweyville

Evadale (1-2) at
Anderson-Shiro (2-1)

Cal Preps: Anderson-Shiro 31-6
Ashly: Anderson-Shiro
DCTF: Evadale by 6
Saphire: Anderson-Shiro
Cameron: Anderson-Shiro

Cristo Rey Jesuit (0-1) at
High Island (1-2)

Cal Preps: No Pick
Ashly: High Island
DCTF: Cristo Rey by 30
Saphire: High Island
Cameron: High Island

Chester (2-1) at
Calvert (0-3)

Cal Preps: No Pick
Ashly: Chester
DCTF: Calvert by 30
Saphire: Chester
Cameron: Chester

Tarkington (2-1) at
Kelly (0-3)

Cal Preps: Tarkington 38-21
Ashly: Kelly
DCTF: Tarkington by 37
Saphire: Tarkington
Cameron: Tarkington

Bridge City (1-2) at
Lumberton (2-1)

Cal Preps: Lumberton 48-3
Ashly: Lumberton
DCTF: Lumberton by 28
Saphire: Lumberton
Cameron: Lumberton

Hamshire-Fannett (2-1) at
Splendora (1-2) 

Cal Preps: Hamshire-Fannett 50-3
Ashly: Hamshire-Fannett
DCTF: Hamshire-Fannett by 8
Saphire: Hamshire-Fannett
Cameron: Hamshire-Fannett

#1 (3A-DI) Franklin (3-0) at
Jasper (2-1)

Cal Preps: Franklin 31-20
Ashly: Franklin
DCTF: Franklin by 8
Saphire: Franklin
Cameron: Franklin

#8 (4A-DII) Silsbee (3-0) at
Brazosport (2-1)

Cal Preps: Silsbee 38-21
Ashly: Silsbee
DCTF: Silsbee by 14
Saphire: Silsbee
Cameron: Silsbee

St. Louis Catholic (LA) (2-0) at
Vidor (3-0)

Cal Preps: St. Louis 22-17
Ashly: Vidor
DCTF: No Pick
Saphire: Vidor
Cameron: Vidor

West Orange-Stark (2-1) at
#3 (3A-DII) Newton (2-1)

Cal Preps: Newton 20-19
Ashly: West Orange-Stark
DCTF: West Orange-Stark by 6
Saphire: West Orange-Stark
Cameron: West Orange-Stark

Buna (0-3) at
Kountze (0-3)

Cal Preps: Buna 20-6
Ashly: Buna
DCTF: Too Close To Call
Saphire: Buna
Cameron: Kountze

Liberty (0-3) at
East Chambers (2-1)

Cal Preps: East Chambers 21-20
Ashly: Liberty
DCTF: East Chambers by 10
Saphire: East Chambers
Cameron: East Chambers

Orangefield (2-1) at
Woodville (2-1)

Cal Preps: Woodville 35-14
Ashly: Woodville
DCTF: Orangefield by 4
Saphire: Orangefield
Cameron: Woodville

Warren (2-1) at
Huntington (0-3)

Cal Preps: Warren 41-7
Ashly: Warren
DCTF: Huntington by 2
Saphire: Warren
Cameron: Warren

Hull-Daisetta (2-0) at
Hardin (2-1)

Cal Preps: Hull-Daisetta 22-10
Ashly: Hull-Daisetta
DCTF: Hardin by 8
Saphire: Hardin
Cameron: Hull-Daisetta

Legacy Christian (2-1) at
Burkeville (0-1)

Cal Preps: No Pick
Ashly: Legacy Christian
DCTF: Burkeville by 15
Saphire: Legacy Christian
Cameron: Legacy Christian

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