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409Sports Blitz Picks 2021: Week 6

With the season at the halfway point, things have tightened up in the standings!

BEAUMONT, Texas — Week 5 was an exciting one with all of our panel going well above (.500). I'll take a moment to say I had the best week at (18-3) only because it's been a struggle this year!

The computer from Cal Preps is still leading the way, but things are starting to get a little closer. I'm also giving a special shoutout to Cam Sibert. Despite being from Massachusetts, he is still sitting over the (.600) mark this year with his picks. 

409Sports Blitz Picks Standings
Cal Preps Computer | 64-26 | (.711)
Ashly Elam | 64-32 | (.667)
Dave Campbell's Texas Football | 56-32 | (.629)
Cam Sibert | 58-38 | (.604)

Week 6
Galveston Ball at Beaumont United, 7
Ashly: Galveston Ball
Cam: Galveston Ball
DCTF: Beaumont United by 20
Cal Preps: Beaumont United 17-14

Port Arthur Memorial at Goose Creek Memorial, 7
Ashly: Port Arthur Memorial
Cam: Port Arthur Memorial
DCTF: Port Arthur Memorial by 43
Cal Preps: Port Arthur Memorial 48-0

Santa Fe at Nederland, 7:30
Ashly: Nederland
Cam: Nederland
DCTF: Nederland by 58
Cal Preps: Nederland 60-0

Port Neches-Groves at Dayton, 7:30
Ashly: PNG
Cam: PNG
DCTF: Too Close To Call
Cal Preps: PNG 38-31

Bridge City at Hamshire-Fannett, 7:30
Ashly: Hamshire-Fannett
Cam: Hamshire-Fannett
DCTF: Hamshire-Fannett by 29
Cal Preps: Hamshire-Fannett 31-3

West Orange-Stark at Hardin-Jefferson, 7:30
Ashly: West Orange-Stark
Cam: West Orange-Stark
DCTF: West Orange-Stark by 40
Cal Preps: West Orange-Stark 44-3

Liberty at Silsbee, 7:30
Ashly: Silsbee
Cam: Liberty
DCTF: Silsbee by 16
Cal Preps: Liberty 28-17

Anahuac at Hardin, 7:30
Ashly: Anahuac
Cam: Anahuac
DCTF: Anahuac by 26
Cal Preps: Anahuac 40-17

Buna at Tarkington, 7:30
Ashly: Buna
Cam: Buna
DCTF: Buna by 14
Cal Preps: Buna 40-28

Kirbyville at Woodville, 7:30
Ashly: Woodville
Cam: Woodville
DCTF: Woodville by 22
Cal Preps: Woodville 24-10

Kountze at Hemphill, 7
Ashly: Kountze
Cam: Kountze
DCTF: Hemphill by 14
Cal Preps: Hemphill 35-21

Anderson-Shiro at Newton, 7
Ashly: Newton
Cam: Newton
DCTF: Newton by 56
Cal Preps: Newton 61-0

New Waverly at Warren, 7
Ashly: New Waverly
Cam: Warren
DCTF: New Waverly by 30
Cal Preps: New Waverly 48-3

Chester at Mount Carmel, 6
Ashly: Chester
Cam: Chester
DCTF: Chester by 2
Cal Preps: No Pick

Grace Christian at Legacy, 6
Ashly: Legacy
Cam: Legacy
DCTF: Legacy by 18
Cal Preps: No Pick

Bay Area Christian at Deweyville, 7
Ashly: Bay Area
Cam: Bay Area
DCTF: Bay Area by 38
Cal Preps: Bay Area 48-3

Grace Community at Kelly, 7
Ashly: Kelly
Cam: Kelly
DCTF: Grace Community by 7
Cal Preps: Grace Community 35-34

Jasper at Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 7:30
Ashly: LCM
Cam: LCM
DCTF: LCM by 5
Cal Preps: LCM 22-7

Colmesneil at Tenaha, 7
Ashly: Tenaha
Cam: Colmesneil
DCTF: Tenaha by 31
Cal Preps: Tenaha 42-7

West Hardin vs Burkeville (at Jasper), 7
Ashly: Burkeville
Cam: Burkeville
DCTF: Burkeville by 11
Cal Preps: Burkeville 28-8