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409Sports Blitz 2020 Picks: Week 8

Mike Canizales continues to lead our 409Sports Blitz Picks

BEAUMONT, Texas — Mike Canizales seems to have things figured out this season. He once again edged me by one game last week to extend his overall lead to two games for the year.

Luckily this is a season like we've never seen before so I have time to catch up, but I tip my hat to you sir. 

Things should stay pretty even this week, with many teams going in as heavy favorites. With that in mind, there are always upsets!

A couple of games to keep an eye on are Evadale at Hull-Daisetta and Hardin-Jefferson at Hamshire-Fannett. Call it a hunch, but I think things could get interesting. 

409Sports Blitz 2020 Standings
Mike Canizales | 67-20 (.770) | Last Week: 15-5
Ashly Elam | 65-22 (.747) | Last Week: 14-6
Cal Preps Computer | 62-22 (.738) | Last Week: 15-5)
Dave Campbell's Texas Football | 55-25 (.688) | Last Week: 12-7

West Brook vs Longview
Canizales: West Brook
Elam: West Brook
Cal Preps: West Brook 35-34
DCTF: Longview by 5

Beaumont United at Galveston Ball
Canizales: Beaumont United
Elam: Beaumont United
Cal Preps: Beaumont United 31-17
DCTF: Beaumont United by 21

Goose Creek Memorial at Port Arthur Memorial
Canizales: Port Arthur Memorial
Elam: Port Arthur Memorial
Cal Preps: Port Arthur Memorial 35-7
DCTF: Port Arthur Memorial by 30

Little Cypress-Mauriceville at Vidor
Canizales: Vidor
Elam: Vidor
Cal Preps: Vidor 21-13
DCTF: Vidor by 14

Huffman Hargrave at Lumberton
Canizales: Huffman Hargrave
Elam: Huffman Hargrave
Cal Preps: Huffman Hargrave 35-12
DCTF: Huffman Hargrave by 20

Silsbee at Bridge City
Elam: Silsbee
Canizales: Silsbee
Cal Preps: Silsbee 38-10
DCTF: Silsbee by 26

Hardin-Jefferson at Hamshire-Fannett
Canizales: Hardin-Jefferson
Elam: Hardin-Jefferson
Cal Preps: Hardin-Jefferson 28-21
DCTF: Too Close to Call

Orangefield at West Orange-Stark
Canizales: West Orange-Stark
Elam: West Orange-Stark
Cal Preps: West Orange-Stark 38-3
DCTF: West Orange-Stark by 45

Carthage at Jasper
Canizales: Carthage
Elam: Carthage
Cal Preps: Carthage 44-3
DCTF: Carthage by 22

East Chambers at Buna
Canizales: East Chambers
Elam: East Chambers
Cal Preps: East Chambers 46-17
DCTF: East Chambers by 23

Hardin at Kirbyville
Canizales: Kirbyville
Elam: Kirbyville
Cal Preps: Kirbyville 28-12
DCTF: Kirbyville by 16

Tarkington at Woodville
Canizales: Woodville
Elam: Woodville
Cal Preps: Woodville 35-14
DCTF: Woodville by 19

Newton at Warren
Canizales: Newton
Elam: Newton
Cal Preps: Newton 52-10
DCTF: Newton by 45

West Hardin at Joaquin
Canizales: Joaquin
Elam: Joaquin
Cal Preps: Joaquin 62-0
DCTF: Joaquin by 61

Burkeville at High Island
Canizales: Burkeville
Elam: Burkeville
Cal Preps: Burkeville 35-12
DCTF: Burkeville by 16

Evadale at Hull-Daisetta
Canizales: Hull-Daisetta
Elam: Hull-Daisetta
Cal Preps: Hull-Daisetta 35-14
DCTF: Hull-Daisetta by 19

Sabine Pass at Deweyville
Canizales: Deweyville
Elam: Deweyville
Cal Preps: Deweyville 41-3
DCTF: Deweyville by 39

Chester at Buckholts
Canizales: Buckholts
Elam: Buckholts
Cal Preps: No Pick
DCTF: Buckholts by 10

Cross Roads at Colmesneil
Canizales: Colmesneil
Elam: Colmesneil
Cal Preps: Colmesneil 28-21
DCTF: Colmesneil by 1

Legacy Christian at Bay Area Christian
Canizales: Bay Area Christian
Elam: Bay Area Christian
Cal Preps: Bay Area Christian 41-6
DCTF: Bay Area Christian by 50

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