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West Hardin's Kyndall Schroeder is the 409Sports Athlete of The Week

Sophomore Kyndall Schroeder piled up 57 points and eleven three pointers to earn 409Sports Athlete of The Week honors

SARATOGA, Texas — With her team in the thick of a tough district race, West Hardin's Kyndall Schroeder had a performance that is rarely seen at any level.

The sophomore buried eleven three pointers on a night she piled up 57 points.

"Just during the game my shots were falling. I just could fill it was going to be a good game and my shots were going to go in."

Head Coach Dustin Collins said it took a while to realize what was happening. 

"We really didn't understand what was going on at the time. It was just one of those things in the middle of the game we go over to the books and she's got thirty-something points. So we tried to make something special out of it after we found out she had six threes and she just let the game come to her. And it was awesome experience for her and the team."

The performance has garnered Schroeder statewide attention, but she's trying to take it all in stride.

"It's been exciting. I don't want people to like, I don't know, look at me different just because. But it's exciting."

And while the individual accolades are fun, she's focused more on her team continuing to improve as the postseason approaches.

"I just like that we all play together as a team and work together. They're like family."

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