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West Brook's Christian Dews named 409Sports Athlete of the Week

Christian Dews is leading the Bruins this basketball season both on and off the court

BEAUMONT, Texas — "Glory to God," said West Brook basketball player Christian Dews. "That's pretty much it."

Senior Christian Dews is helping lead the Bruins this season while keeping his faith in focus.

"Christian was moved up to varsity as a ninth grader," said West Brook basketball coach Andre Boutte. "His sophomore year he experienced some medical issues but bounced back at the end of that year and had a good junior year."

"He's a senior now and it's his time to lead," said Boutte.

Boutte says Dew's potential is limitless because he's a hard worker

as a student and as a basketball player.

"He's one that he does everything right," said Boutte "In sports, well not everything right on the court, but his efforts toward what he's doing. His approach to practice. His approach to being where he's supposed to be on time. Those are the important little things and he does that each and every day."

Coach Boutte says he's sure Dews will be a college basketball player and it sounds like he's right.

"I have some colleges that have been recruiting me," said Dews. "I'm just trying to settle down and get the right one. Whichever one will utilize me the best."

Dews says he's not ready to reveal his college choice yet so check back at the end of this month or even next but he knows what he's looking for.

"One things I've learned is it's like kind of a brotherhood here in a way," said Dews. "I feel like that brotherhood is what brings us together and helps us win games. Not always looking as a basketball aspect but also a off the court aspect as well."

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