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Shaun Hallman overcame cancer and a knee replacement to join his teammates just in time for playoffs

Bridge City's Shaun Hallman earns the title of 409Sports Athlete of The Week after inspiring journey

BRIDGE CITY, Texas — Shaun Hallman is a true coaches son. He played every sport he could.

"He's been in the field house with us since a young age and on the sideline with us, on the court and in the dugout," said Bridge City High School baseball coach Chad Landry.

When he was 16 years old he faced his toughest opponent. Shaun was diagnosed with cancer.

"It's not a ACL tear. It's not a TJ surgery. It's cancer," said Coach Landry.

"The way it started was we were playing baseball and everything and toward the middle of the season my knee just started hurting. We though I had torn something maybe something wasn't where it was suppose to be so we went and got it checked out at the end of the season, and it happened that the tumor was there."

"When that first hit me it was hard because, I mean, that's obviously something that you don't want to hear whether you're 8 years old or whether you're 70. It's a word you don't want to hear."

Shaun didn't want his diagnosis to dictate his game plan so he remained focused. He wanted to battle back to the field.

"Once they did that. Once they got through all those tests, which took about three to four days, it was straight to treatment."

"When I started going into it I wanted to be the first person to go at it and then make it back for my junior/senior season to play. That was the big thing for me was that I wanted to be back for baseball."

Less than a year later Shaun took his spot at the plate just in time to end the regular season with his teammates.

"That was the best feeling ever. Being able to say that I beat it. That I was done with those treatments. It was the best thing I ever felt."

"He's diagnosed , surgery, full knee replacement, whips cancer's tail, rehabs and to be back on the field in less than a year in a varsity competition to me is incredible. It just shows the support, the work, the effort to get back out here and be with his friends and be with his teammates. It's hard to describe. I'm just so proud of him."

Shaun's recovery period isn't over but he's not going to stop trying to become stronger and stay healthy.

"I really feel like I'm starting to get back to the way I was. I know I won't be back at 100% like I was before surgery but I'll definitely be pretty close to it."

Keeping tough for his family, his team and for anyone else who has to lace up to battle cancer.

"It means a lot. I know everybody hears the word cancer and they're like 'oh well you're going to be struggling with that for the rest of your life' and stuff like that. I knew coming into it that quitting and not getting through it wasn't an option. That I wanted to be the inspiration that I've turned into and show those people that hey you can do this and still do what you normally do."

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