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Nederland's Ava Wiltz is the 409Sports Athlete of The Week!

Nederland senior Ava Wiltz does it all for Nederland

NEDERLAND, Texas — Balancing time as a high school athlete is tough, then there's Nederland's Ava Wiltz.

A five sport athlete since her freshman year who has been part of the drumline while also being one of the top students in her class.

When I asked head coach Allie McDaniel what she brings to the volleyball court this was her answer.

"Everything. She's one of those ones that's not going to get frazzled, especially like last night. She didn't let any of the situation or the atmosphere affect her play. You know we had some issues early on. We missed a lot of serves and she did. She didn't let that affect any other aspect of her game. So for me it's just she such a calm and I don't want to say emotionless, but she doesn't let those things affect her overall game play."

Even as one of Nederland's top senior players, Wiltz is still trying to find ways to improve.

"I've definitely been trying to say back. Supposed to be getting the deep corner balls. Sometimes it doesn't always happen, but I've been working a lot on that this season and talking to my hitters. Telling them where they should be swinging. What's open on the court."

Coach McDaniel has seen the improvement.

"That's a work in progress over the last four years. When she stepped into the libero role as a freshman I felt like she felt she was stepping on peoples toes. And now she's done a lot better as far as if we're in a serve receive situation where we've been aced a few times she doesn't have a problem moving people around to try to just put us in a better position to have some success." 

Meanwhile Wiltz gives the credit for success back to her coaches.

"A couple years ago we never ran free ball plays on free balls. I think our coaches have kind of come up with new game plans and advanced our game plans as we've gone a long. And we've really gelled together with the girls that we have so we're able to execute those advanced plays that they set up for us to do." 

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