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LCM's Da'Marion Morris is the 409Sports Athlete of The Week

Morris named 409Sports Athlete of The Week after monster performance

ORANGE, Texas — With a playoff spot on the line Little Cypress Mauriceville's Da'Marrion Morris went above and beyond.

The senior torched Huffman Hargrave for over 200 yards and six touchdowns while also recording four tackles and two pass breakups on defense.

Head Coach Eric Peevey said it was the most carries Morris had all season.

"What's amazing is we've never given him over twenty-five carries and this was the first week. This was playoff clinching and we needed it and we gave him twenty-seven carries and he finished with 288 yards and six touchdowns. We knew that we needed to get in and he's one of those guys that says hey coach I can do this."

And like any smart running back, morris gives credit to his offensive line.

"The guys behind me, they've been working since day one. We've had a lot of them that's out, that's hurt. A couple of them that's hurt, but the one that's stepped up I'm really proud of them  for blocking for me and just helping me gains the yards that I do and make the plays that I make."

Peevey is thankful for having Morris since his arrival last season.

"For a coach to be able to come in and a coaching staff come in like we did and have a young man for two years it's just been such a blessing to have him and players like Landry those guys that we've had in the past to kind of set the tone for everybody else. He never brags about himself ever. You can't outwork him in the weightroom or outside and he sets that example for everybody else. Nothing is natural. Yes he has god given ablility, but at the same poin he pushes his body to get the fullest of that ability. He's just so positive to all the players and it's just been a blessing to have a player like that."

Despite big numbers over his career, college offers are just starting to trickle in, but morris doesn't worry about that.

"I just stay positive. I know that they'll come in one day or they'll come in eventually. So it don't bother me. I just keep doing what I'm doing."

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