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Beaumont United's Wesley Yates named 409Sports Athlete of The Week

Highly recruited Wesley Yates is helping lead the Timberwolves once again

BEAUMONT, Texas — Coming off a 5A State Championship, the Beaumont United Timberwolves are rolling once again.

On a roster full of superstars, Wesley Yates has been on another level to start the season.

Coach David Green agrees.

"Ph he is a very special kid. Great kid to coach. He's focused every single day, man. And the time that he's put in man, it shows right now. He put a lot of time in. Every day he goes extra after practice, every single day. Working on his game. Working on his craft. To not make only himself better, but our team as a whole. Because they feed off what he does on the floor."

Yates is known for being a great shooter, but last week against Atascocita he proved that he's not afraid to attack the rim.

"Exactly. I was telling Wes, basically he's such a great shooter that they're beginning to start sending two people at him. And what we do now to try and negate that is just try to open the floor and just let him attack one on one. And once he beats his man to get in the paint, he's so strong getting to the basket at finishing. And with that being said, he also does a good job at seeing the other people on the floor. So where the opening is, he's going to get the ball to the right person."

Of course when you're a great player, you're going to get plenty of attention. As of tonight Yates has seventeen division one offers, but Coach Green says he's taking it all in stride.

"He don't get too high, he don't get too low. He's basically even keel to where it's all about the team. He's so focused not only academically, he's focused on basketball, he treats everyone on this team right. And that's why they follow him. They know it's all about the team. It's not about himself. So with that being said, he's a great leader to where you get a kid like that you better cherish the moment because they don't come too often." 

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