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409Sports Blitz Picks 2022: Week 11

The final week of the regular season has arrived!

BEAUMONT, Texas — It's been a wild ride, but we have officially reached the final week of the high school football regular season.

This week's games feature district championships, jockeying for playoff position and a final push to get into the postseason. 

With that in mind here's a looks at the 409Sports Blitz Picks!

409Sports Blitz Picks Standings
Cal Preps Computer: 176-37 (.826) | LW: 17-2
Ashly Elam: 181-49 (.787) | LW: 17-3
Dave Campbell's: 175-49 (.781) | LW: 18-2
Saphire Cervantes: 177-53 (.770) | LW: 16-4
Cameron Sibert: 172-58 (.748) | LW: 18-2

CE King at West Brook
Cal Preps: CE King 44-14
Ashly: CE King
DCTF: CE King by 31
Saphire: CE King
Cameron: CE King

Port Arthur Memorial at Kingwood Park
Cal Preps: Port Arthur Memorial 31-28
Ashly: Port Arthur Memorial
DCTF: Kingwood Park by 1
Saphire: Port Arthur Memorial
CE King: Port Arthur Memorial

Port Neches-Groves at Galena Park
Cal Preps: Port Neches-Groves 52-6
Ashly: Port Neches-Groves
DCTF: Port Neches-Groves by 39
Saphire: Port Neches-Groves
Cameron: Port Neches-Groves

Liberty at Bridge City
Cal Preps: Liberty 26-21
Ashly: Liberty
DCTF: Liberty by 7
Saphire: Liberty
Cameron: Liberty

Hardin-Jefferson at West Orange-Stark
Cal Preps: West Orange-Stark 44-12
Ashly: West Orange-Stark
DCTF: West Orange-Stark by 37
Saphire: West Orange-Stark
Cameron: West Orange-Stark

Westwood at Woodville
Cal Preps: Woodville 31-12
Ashly: Woodville
DCTF: Woodville by 19
Saphire: Woodville
Cameron: Woodville

Tarkington at Anahuac
Cal Preps: Anahuac 49-7
Ashly: Anahuac
DCTF: Anahuac by 40
Saphire: Anahuac
Cameron: Anahuac

Orangefield at East Chambers
Cal Preps: Orangefield 28-21
Ashly: Orangefield
DCTF: Orangefield by 12
Saphire: Orangefield
Cameron: Orangefield

New Waverly at Newton
Cal Preps: Newton 42-20
Ashly: Newton
DCTF: Newton by 31
Saphire: Newton
Cameron: Newton

West Hardin at Groveton
Cal Preps: Groveton 24-14
Ashly: Groveton
DCTF: Groveton by 12
Saphire: West Hardin
Cameron: Groveton

Sabine Pass at Colmesneil
Cal Preps: Colmesneil 52-0
Ashly: Colmesneil
DCTF: Colmesneil by 39
Saphire: Colmesneil
Cameron: Colmesneil

First Baptist at Legacy Christian
Cal Preps: No Pick
Ashly: First Baptist
DCTF: First Baptist by 45
Saphire: First Baptist
Cameron: Legacy Christian

Texas City at Nederland
Cal Preps: Texas City 21-12
Ashly: Texas City
DCTF: Texas City by 12
Saphire: Texas City
Cameron: Texas City

Huffman Hargrave at Little Cypress-Mauriceville
Cal Preps: Little Cypress-Mauriceville 38-19
Ashly: Little Cypress-Mauriceville
DCTF: Little Cypress-Mauriceville by 28
Saphire: Little Cypress-Mauriceville
Cameron: Little Cypress-Mauriceville

Splendora at Vidor
Cal Preps: Vidor 46-8
Ashly: Vidor
DCTF: Vidor by 35
Saphire: Vidor
Cameron: Vidor

Lumberton at Livingston
Cal Preps: Lumberton 44-19
Ashly: Lumberton
DCTF: Lumberton by 19
Saphire: Lumberton
Cameron: Lumberton

Silsbee at Jasper
Cal Preps: Silsbee 31-21
Ashly: Silsbee
DCTF: Silsbee by 12
Saphire: Silsbee
Cameron: Silsbee

Hardin at Buna
Cal Preps: Buna 44-7
Ashly: Buna
DCTF: Buna by 34
Saphire: Buna
Cameron: Buna

Warren at Kountze
Cal Preps: Warren 31-17
Ashly: Warren
DCTF: Warren by 15
Saphire: Warren
Cameron: Kountze

Lovelady at Deweyville
Cal Preps: Lovelady 48-22
Ashly: Lovelady
DCTF: Lovelady by 25
Saphire: Lovelady
Cameron: Lovelady

Hull-Daisetta at Evadale
Cal Preps: Evadale 27-17
Ashly: Evadale
DCTF: Evadale by 9
Saphire: Hull-Daisetta
Cameron: Hull-Daisetta

Leverett's Chapel at Burkeville
Cal Preps: No Pick
Ashly: Leverett's Chapel
DCTF: Leverett's Chapel by 45
Saphire: Leverett's Chapel
Cameron: Burkeville

High Island at Chester
Cal Preps: No Pick
Ashly: Chester
DCTF: Chester by 40
Saphire: Chester
Cameron: Chester

Kelly at Fort Bend Christian
Cal Preps: Fort Bend Christian 52-3
Ashly: Fort Bend Christian
DCTF: Fort Bend Christian by 46
Saphire: Fort Bend Christian
Cameron: Fort Bend Christian

Beaumont United at Humble
Cal Preps: Humble 40-17
Ashly: Humble
DCTF: Humble by 23
Saphire: Humble
Cameron: Humble

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