You see watermelon stands all over Southeast Texas on your afternoon drive home, but the one at the corner of Lucas and Concord has a little bit more meaning.

Billy's Boys is named after Billy Coleman, the grandfather of Andrew and Christian Bluiett. Both of the brothers played football at Northwestern State and West Brook. In fact, Christian is still on the roster.

But in the offseason, they've teamed up and brought back an old family tradition of selling watermelons in Beaumont. The melons aren't just from anywhere. They come from Sugartown, Louisiana, the same place grandpa Billy used to pick them up twenty years ago before he'd sell them in his south end neighborhood.

"He actually sold them really right in front of his house, they lived in the south end. He would go pick up a load of melons with his buddy who's name was also Billy," said Andrew. "He would just sit outside with his truck and sell them and a lot of times we'd stay with him for the weekends and he'd have us out there yelling watermelons."

Five years ago Mr. Coleman passed away, but for some reason, this year, the two youngest Bluiett brothers decided to drag out the old trailer and set up shop in Beaumont.

In case you were wondering, the boys say they have the best melons in town by far, and at $12 a pop, you can't beat their prices. As Christian added, "You know every summer from here on out, if we have the opportunity then Lord willing we'll keep on doing it. It's fun, we interact and meet a lot of people, and we're enjoying it."

Just like grandpa did, back in the day.