The Beaumont Crusaders are preparing for another season of pop warner football.

And player safety is one of the top priorities with the risk of concussions being a concern among parents.

As kids prepare for full speed games they're taking it slow during practice.

Adrianne White feels comfortable knowing her eight-year-old son David is being taught proper techniques in tackling and other aspects of the sport.

"So far I haven't had any injuries out here with all three of my boys, and they do a good thing and I'm always out here watching them practice," White said.

Practice is a key point for Crusaders coach Dewight Baloney.
He went through hours of training to get USA Football’s heads up tackling certification.

Baloney and other coaches also went through player safety certifications, first aid, and CPR certifications.

"It's very important because with like everything going on in the NFL, parents are concerned about their kid’s safety and I figured a way we keep the sport safe is making the players safe," Baloney said.

Player safety is something parents like White can lend a hand with.

"The parents have to be pretty involved with the kids and make sure that they're sitting out here watching them practice, and listening to the coaches on the sidelines, to make sure they're not hitting incorrectly, and know that they're not playing Xbox or anything but they're listening to the coaches,” White said.

According to USA Football, over 130,000 coaches are certified nationwide.