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No 'Green Monster' on Beaumont's Fenway Park where residents root for the Astros

The famous Red Sox ballpark is featured on a Southeast Texas street sign 1,530 miles away.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Houston we may have a problem, for Astros fans at least, because right here in Beaumont, Texas, there's actually a Fenway Park on the map.

"Yes. Really. Fenway Park," said Marilynne Wall. "They're like 'Uhm how do you spell that?' and I would say 'You know like the ball park!' then they knew exactly what I was talking about." 

The Walls have lived on Fenway Park for 27 years.

"You know it's like one street," said Wall. "Fenway Park and that's it."

Even though they've lived on the infamous street for decades, they still root for the baseball team down the street.

"Are you rooting for the Red Sox since you live on Fenway Park?"

"Of course not. No. No. No. Of course not," said Wall. "We want the Astros to do well."

Lucky for them, they aren't the only Astros fans on the street.

Lynn Fazio just moved into his home on Fenway Park a little over a month ago. His family just now realized the irony of their address.

"It wasn't really until last night I was having dinner and we were watching the Astros play," said Lynn Fazio. "My wife says you know we live on Fenway Park and she has always wanted to go to Fenway Park so it was kind of ironic.

His wife's wish, in a way, came true.

"I took her to Fenway Park, exactly, she got her wish," said Fazio.

Good news Astros fans, there doesn't seem to be any green monsters on this street.

Also, after contacting multiple city officials, no one was able to tell us how the street got its name. The private developer might've been a big Red Sox fan.

However, for now, the mystery continues...