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National Beep Baseball World Series begins in Beaumont

Teams from across the country get a taste of southeast Texas at the Beep Baseball World Series.

BEAUMONT, Texas — This week the Chris Quinn Soccer Complex is host to the Beep Baseball World Series.

Hundreds of player, their families, and fans are calling southeast Texas home this week in hope of becoming champions.

Beep Baseball is an adaptation of America's favorite past time that caters to the blind and visually impaired.

In the game the actual ball itself beeps so players know when to swing and the fielders know where to scoop it up. There are also special bases that buzz, placed only at first and third, that runners tackle. If a player gets to the ball before the runner tackles the base, the runner is out.

The batters, basemen and outfielders were blindfold so the players who have some vision don't get an advantage.

The first ever Beep Baseball World Series was held in 1976, and 46 years later teams are still enjoying the competition but this time in southeast Texas.

"There are people coming from all over the United States," said Freddie Willard with the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau. "We ran shuttles all weekend getting every body in to Beaumont. We want to showcase our hospitality. We're known for our hospitality. our community has been a tremendous support, so continue that on and welcome everyone that you see out and about in the community."

At the opening ceremony Beaumont was getting rave reviews from it's Beep Baseball visitors but they're not letting the fun distract them from the championship.

"Beaumont is a very welcoming place and we feel welcomed," said Braille Bandit's Larry McDowell. "We look forward to spending the week in Beaumont doing some things outside of beep ball."

"This is what we live for," said Atlanta Chaos' Cody Jefferies. "This is 365 days a year. This is not just this week. We train all year for this. This is it. This is our time to shine. It's an opportunity for us to come out here and showcase our skills and show what we're about. We're absolutely ready for this."

Games begin July 26 at 8:30 a.m. The Championship game is on Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

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