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11-year-old Beaumont girl participates in Astros Chevy Base Steal to promote inclusion

Mary's base steal during the Astros game was a representation of her years of hard work in physical therapy.

BEAUMONT, Texas — One Beaumont girl stole more than just a base at the Astros game over the weekend. She stole the hearts of many across the area.

"Were Baracamonte and Neris nice? The two guys that were holding the base for you? Say 'They were pretty nice,'" said Kalyn, Mary's mom. "Then you touched it and we turned back around and went back to the chair and then everybody went even crazier in the crowd."

The Beaumont Base Stealer's name is Mary. She was officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was nine months old and two years later, she's doing what once was thought to be impossible.

"It represents the 11 years of therapy that we've put in to a moment like that," said Kalyn. "We share a lot of her therapy world, but really no one has any idea of how many hours she's put in. She's been in therapy since she was three months old and we've never stopped."

"Me being able to walk with her hand in hand with minimal assistance is a huge accomplishment because it's something that we were told she'd never be able to do," said Kalyn.

With one step, Mary has inspired her community.

"For us, it's a big victory not only for her personally but just for the whole inclusion movement period," said Kalyn. "We just want change. That's my main message and that I hope more people take away. She can do stuff she just needs a little bit of help or modification for it, and it's super important that our kids are included in everything. Right?"

This 11-year-old girl has shown just how Mary life can be.

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