PORT ARTHUR, Texas — Candidates and their teams lined the streets Saturday outside of Stephan F. Austin High School in Port Arthur.

Many said they had hopes of making their final impressions before polls closed. Some voters said they are looking for a change.

"I knew I had to come up here and vote some, everybody can come up here and try to make a better Port Arthur," William Fogarty said.

Fogarty said he would like to see a change in road conditions around the city.

"If you drive around the streets and see the streets, the streets need to be worked on really bad," he said.

Others like John Richard have the chemical plant expansions in mind. He said more jobs are part of his focus.

"Motiva is getting ready to start doing all this work in this area, and we need somebody who is going to make them hire people from this area," Richard said. 

The other part is rebuilding Port Arthur, he said. 

"We need the young people in this area to have opportunities and have jobs so they can be stable and build our community back up," Richard said. 

Most importantly, voters like Peter Derousselle said you should exercise your right.

"Other countries too, they don't even have the opportunity to vote, so if you have that opportunity, you can voice your opinion. You can't voice your opinion if you don't ever vote," Derousselle said.