ODESSA, Texas — In the aftermath of the August 31 shooting, a variety of GoFundMe accounts have popped up claiming to support the victims.

However, fundraisers like GoFundMe accounts can arise with little to no verification after a tragedy, scamming people who simply want to help the victims of shootings and natural disasters.

A few GoFundMe accounts have already been circulating for victims of the shooting, and NewsWest 9 is working to verify whether or not these accounts are credible.

All of the accounts that are verified by GoFundMe are backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, meaning that funds will be delivered to the right person and if something is wrong (such as the benefactor not receiving the money) your donation will be refunded.

Here's what we know so far:

  • GoFundMe for an officer that died

According to Midland Police, there was a GoFundMe circulating claiming that an officer had died. None of the officers involved in the shooting were killed.

MPD says this fundraiser is a hoax, but they also believe it might have already been taken down.

  • Account for the Midland police officer

Midland police and GoFundMe have confirmed a legitimate GoFundMe account has been set up for the Midland officer injured in the shooting. MPD has endorsed and encouraged the fundraiser pictured below.

Gofundme for Midland Police Officer Zack Owens
  • Account for the Odessa police officer

GoFundMe has verified the account for injured Odessa police officer James Santana.

OPD officer injured in Odessa shooting GoFundMe page
  • Account for the 17 month old

According to GoFundMe , the account for the 17-month-old girl who was hit by a bullet is authentic.

17 month old shot in the face Odessa shooting
  • Account for the postal worker killed by the shooter

GoFundMe has verified the account for Mary Granados. Granados is the postal worker who was killed when the shooter hijacked her vehicle.

Gofundme memorial expenses for Mary Granados USPS worker killed
  • Account for the injured DPS trooper

GoFundMe has also verified the Gofundme for Chuck Pryor. Pryor is the Texas State Trooper who was the first person shot by the gunman.

Gofundme for DPS Trooper Chuck Pryor
  • Account for the soldier killed in Odessa

According to GoFundMe, Kameron Brown was a member of the Army who served in Afghanistan. His account has been verified.

Kameron Brown GoFundMe page soldier killed in Odessa shooting
  • Accounts for more of the shooting victims

Marián Boado Encinosa was one of the victims of the Odessa shooting. GoFundMe included her fundraiser in the list of verified accounts.

Marián Boado Encinosa victim of Odessa shooting

Joe Griffith

According to GoFundMe, Joe Griffith was killed in the shooting. The verified GoFundMe will benefit Griffith's family.

Griffith family gofundme Odessa shooting victim

Efe Obayagbona

GoFundMe has verified the account of Efe Obayagbona. He was reportedly shot on I-20.

Efe Obayagbona Odessa shooting victim Gofundme page

Edwin Peregrino 

According to the verified GoFundMe page, Edwin Peregrino had just moved to San Antonio and was in town visiting famile when he was killed.

Edwin Peregrino GoFundMe page Odessa shooting victim

Rodolfo Arco 

According to GoFundMe, Radolfo Arco was one of the victims killed in the shooting.

Rodolfo Rudy Arco victim of Odessa shooting GoFundMe page

Unidentified Saulsbury employee

Saulsbury employee Odessa shooting victim GoFundMe page

We are working to verify other accounts that are circulating as well as find ways to help victims and first responders. This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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