GREENSBORO, N.C. — When there's a viral Facebook post about Facebook, and it sounds suspicious -- it probably is a red flag.That said, Facebook has dealt with its share of privacy scandals (remember Cambridge Analytica?), so users rightfully are cautious.


Good Morning Show viewer Frances Suggs asked, "VERIFY. Is it true that Facebook will be able to access our bank accounts after the Fourth of July? I have a seen a post on Facebook."

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Facebook has not issued any recent memos about accessing bank accounts and withdrawing funds. It is now past July 4, and no users appear to be mentioning any evidence of Facebook tampering with their bank accounts. So, what prompted the post Suggs saw?

In August 2018, various sources -- including CNET -- reported Facebook wants users' financial data to expand messenger. CNET sourced the Wall Street Journal in saying Facebook reached out to several major U.S. banks. The premise was Facebook wanted to expand e-commerce. It wanted to allow consumers to access their bank accounts through Facebook instant messenger. CNET talked to Chase, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank Corp. and Citi Group, who said they would not be sharing that data with Facebook.

So, that instant messenger bank link hasn't happened yet. But, users can decide to link their bank accounts to Facebook, if they want to purchase advertisements. Users can authorize Facebook to automatically deduct payments from their accounts.


Yes, Facebook is wanting to expand e-commerce, most recently in the form of an e-currency called Libra.

But, we can VERIFY the claim Facebook is automatically dipping into all users' bank accounts as of July 4 is false.

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