AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Transportation said Friday it is suspending “all Pay By Mail invoices and violations” until they resolve its toll billing issues.

In a post on TxDOT’s Facebook page, the agency said it working to resolve the recent issues around toll billing. “We believe we’ve captured all the issues and we’re in the process of correcting them as quickly as we can,” TxDOT said.

The agency apologized on its website earlier this month, saying efforts to get toll tags to work in other states were to blame. The explanation on TxDOT’s website has been updated to state:

“Be assured - customers will NOT pay any fees that they did not accrue on their own. In fact, those customers with any of the Texas tolling authority tags - TxTag, EZTag and TollTag - do not have to call in; we are working with those tolling agencies to reverse the erroneous charges. However, should a customer want to speak with someone, those with TxTags or who received a TxTag bill can call us at 888-468-9824. We are extending our customer service hours from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Again, we sincerely apologize for this system error and assure you we are making this right.”

A TxDOT spokesperson tells KVUE the suspension is temporary and billing will resume in the near future.

KVUE reported in early July that numerous customers had been dealing with billing problems.