LOG CABIN, Texas — She hasn't been seen or heard from in 13 days. 

"We spend most of our days looking for her,” Pablo Orlando said.

25-year-old Brenda Lizbeth Montanez disappeared on Jan. 27 after going to a party in Addison.

"It's not normal for her to just disappear, for nobody to know anything about her," Jessica Montanez said. "She's never done that? No never never never."

Montanez family said she left the party around midnight and drove to Log Cabin, Texas, near Cedar Creek Lake, where her on and off again boyfriend has a lake house.

"We drove every location and everywhere we can search and we have no evidence that she broke down on the road or had an accident,” Orlando said.

That area is the last place her cell phone pinged.

And while authorities have listed her on a national missing person's database, there is no real active search for her.

So, her family hired private detective Danny Gomez to help them.

"The longer she is missing, the worst the outcome might be,” Gomez said.

Montanez family put flyers up at gas stations from the DFW area all the way to Log Cabin Texas hoping someone will see them and have information.

"Every day is a struggle not hearing from her and for her not to call us,” Montanez said.

Montanez has been in college taking law enforcement classes. Her family said she is close to them and beg for her return.

"My mom is waiting for her and we just want her to come back home," Montanez said.

Police have talked to her estranged boyfriend and her friends but so far have no idea where she could be and if someone has harmed her.