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'It's a slap in the face' | Uvalde families occupy school district property, demanding action

They are demanding that the district remove all the school resource officers who responded to the shooting on May 24.

UVALDE, Texas — Four months and four days after the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, family members have turned up the volume on their demands for action.

Several people are holding a vigil at the Uvalde school district, occupying the parking lot, saying they're not leaving until they get what they want. 

On Tuesday, a small but determined group of family members and their supporters showed up at the back door of the school district office.

They have erected a shade structure and they've brought in bedding to spend the night. On Wednesday, they said supporters delivered pizza for lunch to sustain them. 

Sharing their frustrations on several social media platforms, they said they are demanding that the district remove all the school resource officers who responded to the shooting on May 24.

Brett Cross lost his son Uziyah Garcia in the attack. Cross said he will occupy the district offices as long as it takes to get results.

"These guys, they're not used to being told 'no.' They're used to getting their way. But it ain't happening this time," Cross said.

The group said the school district resource officers shouldn't have a job protecting anyone now. 

Cross said, "It's a slap in the face. It's disrespectful. No family wants to see the people that could have saved our kids and didn't - chose not to."

Michele Prouty, who has been supporting the cause, said nothing the families are asking for would be considered unreasonable to most people. 

"For all the parents and families concerned, they believe that those officers should not be on the job," Prouty said.

A Town Hall forum sponsored by the school district that was scheduled for October 3 was canceled Wednesday morning. No reason has been given for the cancelation.

Cross says he will remain on his post as long as it takes, even if he remains through the holidays. 

The next regular school board meeting is scheduled for October 17. 

The district provided the following statement:

"Uvalde CISD remains open to a continued dialogue to address questions and concerns with a scheduled meeting. The administration extended an opportunity to meet with individual protesters at central office; however, the offer was refused. 

Based on what we understand the group's questions to be, we want to reiterate that the district has engaged with the Texas Police Chiefs Association to conduct a Management and Organizational Review of the Uvalde CISD Police Department, as announced during the August 29 Town Hall meeting. Additionally, the district has engaged with JPPI Investigations to conduct an independent review of the Uvalde CISD Police Department's actions on May 24, 2022. At this time, we do not have an expected completion date for the reviews. Regarding the current status of UCISD officers, as always, the district will not comment on personnel matters.

While we will continue attempts to meet with individuals to address their concerns, our focus remains on supporting our students, staff, and families throughout the recovery process. We are encouraged by the positive start to the school year and appreciate all the support our UCISD family continues to receive."


Anne Marie Espinoza

Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

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