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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids walks to remember lives lost in Uvalde

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids will walk from Temple City Hall to Salado one year after the tragedy to remember the 21 lives lost.

TEMPLE, Texas — The Uvalde Massacre happened one year ago May 24, so people across Texas are finding ways to memorialize those who lost their lives.

Here in Temple, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, will hold a walk for the 21 lives lost beginning at 11:33 a.m.

The walk will begin at Temple City Hall and will end in Salado, spanning 21 miles, to represent the 19 children and two teachers that were shot and killed.

"We're going to do more than just walk, we're going to do more than just remember," Daniel Chapin, the founder of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, said.

Chapin said he and the community that joins him today will fight for change, as they always have.

The foundation was formed a year ago. Since then, they have raised money and advocated for the prevention of hate and actions like the ones taken May 24, 2022.

"This walk is a reminder of where we began," Chapin said.

So is everything the organization has done since coming together.

Chapin, along with supporters have formed STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrol Teams that stop potential violence from ever reaching schools and students.

They've also created a 24 hour Antiviolence, Crisis Talk Line, along with and antibullying program designed to engage students themselves in preventing another form of Violence.

Together, Chapin wants everyone to remember that the families of Uvalde are still in mourning.

If you would like to donate at the walk, you can but are not expected to.

The walk may take a few hours so you are allowed to drive the route instead of walk it.

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