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Long line of migrants turned away on Eagle Pass Bridge

About 150 to 200 people approached Eagle Pass Port of Entry Bridge #2 believing they could be processed for asylum, border officials said.

EAGLE PASS, Texas — A large group of migrants tried to cross the Eagle Pass Bridge, who were seeking asylum, officials said on Monday. Photos show about 150 to 200 people who arrived at the bridge late Sunday night and were met by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News shared the photos with KENS 5. The images appear to show about nine CBP employees standing along a concrete divider with circles of barbed wire above it. A long line of people standing on a curb in line can be seen in one of the other photos.

According to CBP, the group showed up around 11 p.m. and "150-200 non-citizens approached Eagle Pass Port of Entry Bridge #2 (Camino Real International Bridge) believing they could be processed for asylum – apparently based on advice from advocates/attorneys."

Credit: EPTXN

The group made their way to the middle of the bridge and CBP responded to the middle of the bridge to place temporary barriers, authorities said.

Credit: EPTXN

CBP told KENS 5: "Mexican officials dispersed the group, advising them they had been misinformed. Traffic on the bridge resumed after approximately one hour."

On Thursday, Border Patrol officials with the Del Rio Sector said agents are encountering an average of 1,000 migrants a day.

Jason Owens, the new chief who is taking the helm over the Del Rio Sector said most of the migrants are single males, and often arrive in large groups of over 100. The high numbers are forcing agents from the front lines into processing facilities which are most often overcapacity.

“Every single person sometimes we have is tied up processing the people that are coming across and giving themselves up and maintaining some sense of security at the holding facilities,” said Owens. “Sometimes there are just not enough people to get to all the places where we are needed.”

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