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Southeast Texas doctor answers top coronavirus questions

Doctor Gary Mennie says it is not the time to let your guard down with cases spiking across the state

BEAUMONT, Texas — When should you go see a doctor if you think you have the coronavirus? How bad should your symptoms be? Those are some of the most common questions being asked during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

We recently spoke with Doctor Gary Mennie, who is the chief medical officer at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas. 

What should you do if someone in your household tests positive for covid-19?

"Try and physically distance yourself, if you know that person has covid and you don't, if you can wear a mask in your house, wear a mask, just like out in public," Mennie said. 

He also encourages everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and along with constantly sanitize various surfaces to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Would you recommend people just showing up to the doctor if they feel that their symptoms have  gotten worse?

"First thing would be to call your physicians, see how they want you to come into their office , some have you coming in, some are still doing telemedicine, some have patients come at the end of the day, so every physician is different" Mennie said. 


 Over the last few week, we've seen our  hospitalizations increase. Doctor Mennie believes that it has to do in large part with people putting off routine doctor screening for those who have underlying health conditions. 

"I believe a lot of that is because they've avoided going to the hospital early on or they have avoided going to their doctors for their routine screenings people who have other medical conditions so know when they finally get to that point where they have to come to the hospital their acuity is much higher," Mennie said. 

Flu season is here, what are the advantages of getting a flu vaccine during the pandemic?

"Having flu and covid obviously increases your risk for bad outcomes. flu vaccine doesn't mean you may not get the flu but it works by if you do get the flu, it should be less severe," Mennie said.

What are things we should all keep doing to reduce our risk?

"You're wearing a mask, you wear it properly, you physically distance, you get good hand hygiene and then staying out of big crowds. we know that works, we have seen it work,"Mennie said. 

Credit: KBMT