PORT NECHES, Texas — A Port Neches neighborhood will be seeing more traffic soon. The question remaining is just what type of traffic.

Port Neches city manager Andre Wimer says the city will be putting the property located on the corner Block Street and Lee Avenue up for sale. It’s something that’ll be discussed at next week's city council meeting.

"The council will be discussing any potential conditions or stipulations they would like to associate with the property the city owns in terms or residential development," Wimer said.

Wimer says although no permanent plans have been made, they expect the property to be purchased and turned into Riverfront Residences.

It’s an idea Port Neches native Ken Nguyen feels would be good for the city.

"I don’t see it being a bad thing, if anything it would have potential to invite different kinds of people to the area,” Nguyen said.

He say’s the city is overdue for new projects to spice the city up.

"There could be a little more, lately the town seems a little plain jane. Especially since Harvey passed, everyone is still looking for houses now a days," Nguyen said.