A popular online Trump merchandise store is selling 'Stand Up For America' football jerseys to combat recent protests in the NFL in which players take a knee during the National Anthem.

In fact, during Sunday afternoon's game, new Panthers safety Eric Reid kneeled during the national anthem before his first game with Carolina against the New York Giants.

Reid, who was signed by the Panthers last week, made headlines in his first press conference by wearing a shirt with the hashtag #ImWithKap on the front.

The jerseys, which come in both men and women sizes, are for sale on a site authorized by Trump For President Inc. and the Republican National Committee. The jerseys even have TRUMP's name written on the back of the jersey along with the number 45.

According to the New York Times, "the product was introduced on Sept. 7, a day after the NFL’s season began and Kaepernick debuted as the face of a Nike ad campaign."

“Our theme originated out of President Trump’s love for the American flag and his fervent belief that Americans should always stand for our National Anthem,” Lara Trump, senior advisor for Donald J. Trump for President Inc told The New York Post.

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