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Democratic candidate for one of Texas’ top jobs responds to growing GOP support

Mike Collier says many Republicans tell him they’re concerned about the direction of Texas.

TEXAS, USA — The list of Republicans backing Democrat Mike Collier over incumbent Dan Patrick in the race for Lieutenant Governor continues to grow, with state Senator Kel Seliger the latest to add his name.

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Collier thinks he knows why, and says it represents more than just some disgruntled Republicans.

“I think they’re concerned about the direction of the state. The Lieutenant Governor has outsized influence on where we go as a state. And we are not headed in the right place,” the Democrat said on Inside Texas Politics.

More than that, Collier tells us he’s met with at least a dozen elected, Republican officials… in person. His campaign later told us the figure is likely well over two dozen.

“Sometimes it’s okay to be seen walking into their office. Sometimes we meet someplace else so that nobody can see,” said Collier.

Collier says he’s been traveling the state for a while now, talking to folks from all political parties, so it doesn’t surprise him that so many Republicans are willing to speak with him. 

The Democrat says fixing the state’s complicated problems will be difficult, such as the power grid. But he says it’s good to have friends from all sides when discussing possible solutions.

“When you have folks on the other side of the aisle, and I’m not aware of this ever happening before, I don’t think it’s happening around the country, but it’s happening here, and you have folks on the other side of the aisle saying I know him, I’ve met with him, I agree with him on many things, that helps me a lot,” he said.

Collier is a former Republican himself, switching parties nearly a decade ago. And that background has, no doubt, helped him win some GOP support.

The Democrat says, while Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley and Senator Seliger will not become an official part of the campaign team, he does expect some role for them.

“But I would say this, they are sufficiently enthused to come out publicly.  And I think now they want me to win. And I suspect that they’ll help. And I hope they do,” said Collier.

We’ve invited Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to join us on Inside Texas Politics and on our podcast Y’all-itics.  A spokesman for his campaign said he is unavailable.

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