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Voting may take a bit longer this year in Texas. Here's why.

With COVID-19 guidelines in place, your trip to the polls could take more time. Texas also changed the voting process this year

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Texas — Some changes are coming to election day, and could mean longer wait times for you. 

On election day, when you show up to vote, you'll still need to bring an accepted form of ID. There are 7 that will work. 

Some things will be different. 

In years past, some polling locations in Jefferson County had shoulder-to-shoulder lines. 

This year, officials want people to spread out. Jefferson County Clerk Carolyn Guidry said locations will be set up for voters to space out. 

"We don't want anyone on top of one another and while they are in line there will be markers on the floor for people to practice safe distancing," Guidry said. 

Social distancing could give the appearances of a longer than usual line. 

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Guidry doesn't want voters to get discouraged. 

Instead, pack your patience.   

"Because of COVID we have to take extra precautions to make sure we are sanitizing the equipment after each voter. So it takes a few minutes to wipe down the machines," Guidry said. 

Something else that will be different is the straight-ticket option. Texas eliminated it. 

 Since there's no 'one-punch' vote, it might take a little longer to cast your vote. There is a way to speed up the process. 

"Get a sample ballot ahead of time mark your ballot with your choice and you can actually bring that to the polling location with you. That will perhaps help shorten time while you are standing at the booth trying to figure out who was that I said I was going to vote for," Guidry said. 

What about masks? 

They aren't mandatory, but are recommended for your health and out of consideration for the poll workers.