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Political expert feels Roy West's supporters turned 2023 Beaumont mayoral election in his favor

Roy West made a successful comeback, winning the 2023 mayoral election with 52 percent of the votes.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Roy West won the 2023 Beaumont mayoral election Saturday, beating incumbent Mayor Mouton and challenger James Eller Jr.

“It has been an incredible journey,” West said. “I am just filled with gratitude"

This is West's second time facing off against Mayor Mouton. After the 2021 elections ended in a runoff, West lost to Mayor Mouton by a small margin. 

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“Two years ago, when Roy West and Robin Mouton faced off, this was about the result,” Thomas Taschinger, political analyst said. “Although, Roy West didn't get 50 percent or more, so there was a runoff and Robin won.”

West made a successful comeback, winning the 2023 mayoral election with 52 percent of the votes.

"Saying, ‘It's time for change. We can do better.’ That's going to be his message,” Taschinger said. “Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it doesn't. This time it did for him."

According to Taschinger, only 23 percent of Beaumont residents showed up to the polls. More than 8,000 residents voted for West, and more than 7,000 voted for Mouton.


“He just got more of his supporters out there,” Taschinger said. “When Robin Mouton won two years ago, she was the first Black woman to win the mayor's race. It was a motivating factor."

On Saturday night, Mouton told 12News an ad run by West regarding her travel to Las Vegas was not factual.

“To say that someone spent $30,000 on a Vegas trip and called Vegas Exotic, that was beneath me,” West said. 

Taschinger said he can understand Mouton's frustrations.

“I can understand why she is upset,” Taschinger said. “She is correct in that all mayors travel, and a lot of conventions are in places like Las Vegas."

The political analyst feels that even with a win under his belt, the work is just getting started for West.

“It's constant challenges to get more businesses into the downtown, to stop the flat population that Beaumont has for years,” Taschinger said.

12News reached out to West Sunday for comment on his campaign ad targeting Mayor Mouton and did not hear back in time for this publication.

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