Early voting numbers across the state of Texas show Democrats have turned out in record numbers while turnout for Republicans is not as strong as in years past.

The Texas Secretary of State reports that the number of Democrats is 50 percent higher than that of Republicans.

RETURNS | 2018 Southeast Texas Primary Election results

Lets talk numbers of over 13,000 voters in the 2018 Primary Election in Jefferson County, more than 7,000 people voted Democrat, an increase of 300 voters from 2014.

For the Republicans, about 3,500 early voted, that's 2,400 from the 2014 primaries.

Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman Cade Bernsen says it's a "statement" on the 2016 presidential election, blaming this change in Donald Trump's Presidency.

"While it's in Washington, it's trickling down to here, and the moral of the Republican Party is not high so they're not voting," Bernsen says.

Texas Republicans, however are rallying voters.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has his own primary says If you don't like the score you can change it at the polls.

Despite this increase of blue voters in a red state, Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Dr. Garrett Peel says the "lack of GOP enthusiasm state wide is not uncommon during off presidential campaign years."

Peel says Republican voters don't see many contested GOP primary races right now to get excited about, and the Republican enthusiasm will return in the fall.

Despite the differences, this push for votes is bringing both sides to sound a common theme.

"It's very important for people to vote regardless to the political party, because that's what makes america special," Bernsen says.

It's a political process allowing the government of the people, to be decided on by the people, and make decisions for the people.