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'I am ready': Krispen Walker announces 2024 candidacy for District Attorney of Orange County

Krispen Walker has served Orange County residents as the assistant district attorney for more than 20 years.

ORANGE COUNTY, Texas — A long-time Orange County prosecutor has announced her candidacy for one of the county's top jobs more than a year before the March primaries. 

Krispen Walker announced her candidacy for district attorney Monday. Currently, Walker is the first assistant district attorney and has served the county in the position for more than 20 years. 

The primaries are not until March 2024.

“My candidacy is clearly the next step for me to continue and to extend my service,” Walker said.

Walker joined the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in 2001. Since joining, she has served as a juvenile prosecutor, misdemeanor prosecutor, felony prosecutor, and as a bail bond board member for several years.

Throughout her years of service to the Orange County community, Walker said she has worked to get justice for victims and county residents.

“I stood before over 100 juries and sought justice for victims in cases including eight capital murders, six murders, and numerous aggravated sexual assaults of children,” Walker said. "I represented the State of Texas and Orange County in at least 50 appeals, seeking to preserve courtroom victories."

Walker believes her qualifications for district attorney were established through 21 years of work in bringing those who break the law to justice. She feels the district attorney has to know every aspect of the challenges the office faces. 

“My experience is not in just one narrow aspect of the work of the Office of District Attorney but is broadly based across the full spectrum,” Walker said.

Walker feels her love for the county she grew up in and passion for seeking justice drives her to take the oath to "preserve, protect, and defend" the constitution and laws of the United States and Texas. 

“The Office of District Attorney is highly important to the people of our County, and I am ready to step into that job fully equipped to proudly and effectively represent the State of Texas and the citizens of Orange County,” Walker said.

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