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Hamshire-Fannett voters to decide if high school stadium receives $1.4M concession stand

The district says the old concession stand is 40 years old and falling apart.

HAMSHIRE, Texas — As early voting wraps up Friday, local elections, state proposals and some bonds are on the ballot.

A new concession stand is on the ballot for people in Hamshire-Fannett ISD. The district says the old one is 40 years old and falling apart.

Many people who spoke to 12News agreed, that despite the price tag, the district needs to demolish the current concession stand and rebuild a new one. They believe it will improve the experience at football games.

Kristie Frazier's eyes are usually glued to the field rooting for her son on Thursday nights.

But every now and then, her eyes cut over to Hamshire-Fannett's unique concession stand.

“When it's raining and storming, we can't use it. We can't have as many things to give to the public,” Frazier said.

And the bond backers say the concession stand isn't the only eyesore.

“There’s also the image,” Frazier said. “I mean, you walk up, and you see porta-potties; no one wants to use that. I'm not going to,” Frazier said.

Superintendent Dwaine Augustine has a few solutions up his sleeve.

“We have a proposal for $1.4 million to demolish and then replace our concession facility at the football stadium,” Augustine said.

This is the original concession stand but because of rapid deterioration, the high school had no choice to improvise.

“It puts a load on people who are attending the game,” Augustine said.

Frazier said she wasn't for this bond proposal at first.

“The first time it was proposed, I will say I voted against it. We were just given that It was going to cost 1.5 million,” Frazier recalled.

But as she gathered more information, she started to see the bigger picture.

“This time, it’s very detailed,” Frazier said “They gave us graphics on what's going to be in there. They gave us the cost. I mean, it's three cents a day. $1 a month, what $1,250 or so a year.”

Augustine said it's time to put funds back into the student athletic programs.

“So not just having proper facilities in terms of serving food, serving patrons with restroom facilities, but also being able to literally pay for itself. So, it's an aid that has a great benefit,” Augustine said.\

If the proposal is passed, the superintendent plans to have the new and improved concession stand completed by December of next year.

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