NEDERLAND, Texas — Jordyn Collida says she loves spending time outside with her kids, but lately, she has been worried about their safety.

It's because drivers are speeding down the street where she and her family live.

"It's a four-way stop," said Collida. "No one stops. Ever. The police try to do the best they can, but it's all hours of the night, all day."

For about a week, the city has been working on the roads.

She purposely parks in front of her house to stay out of the way.

She says construction on the road hasn't made drivers more cautious or aware of traffic signs.

"As soon as they went across from the stop sign, they went straight through."

One driver who ignored that stop sign nearly hit Jordyn and her children.

 I was upset at the fact that they went through, and then I guess the car got mad that I was taking too long and sped off from there, and every other car followed after that."

Nederland police say going around a "road closed " barricade is a Class C offense.

Drivers can get fined up to $166.

Fine for going around a road closed barricade
Nederland Police say it is a Class C offense to go through a "road closed" barricade, and drivers can get a $166 fine.

Jordyn says she just wants drivers to be more cautious, especially in areas where children are playing outside.

"Lord forbids something happens, and one of my kids or someone else's kids or someone's pet got out, and they didn't stop and hit them in that road, I know I would feel terrible. I couldn't live with myself if something like that happened."