A Central Georgia woman is making feeding the homeless her daily mission, and she's doing it out of her own pocket.

For the last two weeks, Lakeshia Cleveland-Burney has made sandwiches, drinks, and snacks for homeless people in Central City Park.

Cleveland-Burney lives in Gray and travels to Macon nearly every day to serve the food. She's even started helping one man with hot meals, new clothes, and a blanket. She said she felt moved to do it because she could be in the same situation.

"Because it could have been any one of us. It could've been me, could have. I know some of them could do better. Like, some people saying, 'They could do this,' but it ain't about that. I don't question them. If they tell me their story, all of it, I'll listen, but I don't question you all saying, 'You all could do better,' or whatever. It could be me, you, any of us," Cleveland-Burney said.

Cleveland-Burney said she'll continue to feed Central City Park's homeless as long as she has the money to do so.