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These are the stores that are closed on Easter Sunday

Need to make a last-minute grocery run? Some major chains will close for the holiday, but there are still plenty of options.

WASHINGTON — If your Easter brunch is missing a few ingredients this Sunday and a trip to the grocery store is in order, many will be open despite the holiday. 

While some grocery stores will close all locations on April 9, many grocery and pharmacy chains will stay open or operate under reduced hours. You'll be able to stock up at Walmart or a Kroger-operated grocery store, but Target stores will be closed.

Which grocery stores and pharmacies are closed on Easter?

These grocery stores, warehouse stores and pharmacies will close all locations on Sunday, April 9.

What's open on Easter?

Many of these stores will be open on Easter for reduced hours, but some individual locations may be closed. Hours vary by location, so check your local store for holiday hours.

Most national food chains like Starbucks, McDonalds and Taco Bell will be open Sunday, but some privately owned franchise locations may close.

Is Target open on Easter? 

No, all Target stores will be closed on Easter 2023. 

Is Walmart open on Easter? 

Yes, Walmart stores are open on Easter Sunday for 2023. 

Is Walgreens open on Easter?

Yes, Walgreens confirmed its locations will be open regular store hours on Easter Sunday. 

Is Costco open on Easter?

No, Costco is not open on Easter 2023. Easter Sunday is one of the seven holidays that Costco closes its U.S. warehouses. 


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