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'BBC Dad' is back and his kids are cuter than ever

Professor Robert Kelly and his family shot to fame three years ago when his daughter walked in on him during a video interview.

If you're a parent working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, times can be tough right now. Luckily, "BBC Dad," possibly the world's most well known work-from-home parent, is back with some advice. 

Three years ago, Robert Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, and his family shot to fame when his daughter walked in on him during a skype interview. Kelly was discussing the recent impeachment of South Korea's President Park Geun-hye with BBC World News when his Marion burst into the room. Her signature strut quickly endeared her to the world. 

In the original video, Marion's little brother James casually strolls in behind his sister as Kelly's wife, Kim Jung-A, quickly ran into the room and tried to wrangle her children away from their father. 

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Now, the whole family is back three years after the adorable incident. The couple spoke with BBC about social distancing and raising kids under quarantine in South Korea. 

"It's very difficult to stay in the house for a long time," Kim said. She says she regularly tries to take the kids to the park while still staying away from other people. 

For the most part, the kids were more subdued in the reunion video. They sat quietly and hugged their parents while Kim spoke about taking the kids out to see the trees and flowers in the spring. 

Things got chaotic when it was Kelly's turn to speak on the measures South Korea has taken to control the virus. Marion began to jump on her father as he hilariously tried to hold her back. It was just like old times. Eventually her mother was able to wrangle her in as Marion's brother wandered bored in the background. 

Kelly eventually apologized for the disruption. 

"That's one thing you must never apologize for," the BBC host said, echoing what fans of this family everywhere were already thinking. "It's part of the scene."