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Millennials are killing everything except documentaries, survey says

Millennials turn to documentaries more than any other age group, according to a survey. They also said documentaries have changed their lives.
Credit: Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Milliennials are blamed for a number of things: the rise of avocado toast, the death of Applebee's. 

But millennials turn to documentaries more than any other age group to share knowledge or to cite in discussions, preferring them over other media, according to a survey from streaming service MagellanTV. They also said documentaries have changed their lives. 

However, Gen X reported the highest percentage, 51 percent, of people that watched more than ten documentaries per month. Fourteen percent of millennials and 35 percent of baby boomers said they watched more than ten documentaries in a month. 

MagellanTV vice president James Luzun said published a report detailing a survey the company did of 1,000 Americans asking which people were most interested in documentaries and why. 

Over 76 percent of millennials said they shared what they learned from a documentary with others, the survey results said. The most popular type of documentary in the survey was true crime, along with historical documentaries. 

According to the survey, millennials are more likely to feel this way about documentaries than either Gen X or baby boomers. 

Credit: MagellanTV

Over half of millennials surveyed said that documentaries inspired them to change something about their lives, and 34 percent said documentaries are better for their mental and emotional health than news, reality tv or fictional dramas, a claim also supported by a recent study from Berkeley. 

Credit: MagellanTV