GALVESTON, Texas — The family of a man seriously injured in an accident at a Jefferson County construction site says he's doing better. 

Jeff Williams, 45, has been in medically induced coma since July 29. 

After the accident at the Pine Tree Lodge construction site, Williams had a long list of injuries. 

Williams is scheduled for a long-awaited surgery on Thursday morning. 

"About 10:30 in the morning, the doctors are looking at taking him in," Jeff's brother Jonathon Williams said. 

On Monday 7/29 Jeff was involved in a Tragic accident. The accident resulted in him being shocked, falling approximately 27 feet to a concrete floor. He was life flighted to Galveston UTMB where he remains in critical condition. He has multiple broken bones, bruised lungs and other extensive...

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Doctors haven't been able to perform surgery because of how bad Jeff's lungs were damaged.

The family received word earlier this week that his condition improved enough to go through with a procedure, but Jeff remains on the ventilator.

"One step at a time, they wanted to go ahead and turn the first corner, and we're there. We believe, we once we get past that, it's just going to continue to get better," Williams said. 

Doctors will look to repair the tear in his aorta and begin their first procedure on his jaw. 

It's a vital step in his recovery, but the process will be long and bumpy according to Jeff's brother.

Jeff was one of three men working at the site in La Belle when the men came in contact with a power line. 

Two were in a lift bucket while Jeff fell from the roof to the concrete below, roughly 30 feet.  

"He had a broken leg, a broken arm on the right side. We were told he had damaged to his face because we were told he landed on the facial area. An aortic tear and a collapsed lung," Williams said.

12News has not received any updates on the other two men or have been told their names.  

Initially, Williams wasn't sure if his brother would live. 

"The first night, not knowing what was going on, prayers started coming in and I tell you what, that was a blessing to our family. It really carried us through the next few days," Williams said. 

Unfortunately, the Williams family has been through similar circumstances before. 

Jeff was severely injured in a head-on collision 16 years ago. 

"Since 2003, when he was hit by a drunk driver, he's probably the strongest man I know and still suffered from a lot of pain. What he went through with the fall I would say he's a fighter," Jonathon Williams said. 

Williams believes Jeff gets his strength from his kids, who call him Superman. 

During this difficult time, the family said they're finding hope from the community. 

"Messages, phone calls, visits to the hospital and food. Donations have just been a blessing to us. If I could reach out and tell people, keep praying because it's working," Williams said.

He adds that the staff at UTMB Health Jennie Sealy Hospital in Galveston has been amazing.   

Jeff's mother has been by his side the whole time, sleeping in his room at the hospital in Galveston. 

The owners of Pine Tree Lodge have created a GoFundMe account for Jeff's medical expenses.